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Message from the Director

Scott Halperin, MD

2015-16 marked CCfV’s first year as an official Dalhousie Centre,     International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Canadian
and our researchers, trainees, and staff continued to build upon the  Immunization Research Network (CIRN), and Merck, with sites in
important infrastructures that have been essential to CCfV since      Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso) and Canada (Ottawa, Montréal) taking
its inception in 2007. CCfV’s Evaluation Group undertook multiple     part.
clinical trials, the Discovery Group continued their ongoing work
and progress in novel vaccine development, and the Health Policy      Since becoming an official Dalhousie Centre in 2015, CCfV has
and Translation Group was awarded a large three year Canadian         implemented a financial reporting system consistent with that of
Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) grant studying Global Vaccine   the university, and is currently a financially healthy non-profit
Logics in West Africa.                                                organization. Over the coming year, CCfV will continue work to
                                                                      further strengthen its financial position.
CCfV remains committed to continuing the excellent research
being conducted and building upon existing relationships with         To the hundreds of volunteers who participate in health research, we
all partnering institutions, the Public Health Agency of Canada       thank you. Without your support we would be unable to provide the
(PHAC), and our partners in Industry. The researchers at CCfV will    evidence needed for safe and effective health products. We hope to
be embarking on several new studies in the coming year, ranging       continue this important work for many years to come, and are lucky to
from clinical trials to observational studies:                        be a part of such a generous community here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

   • RSV in pregnancy
   • Maternal immunization study
   • Vaccine coverage and safety in children with epilepsy
   • Flu safety surveillance
   • Pharmacists as immunizers observational study

CCfV will also manage an exciting Phase II Ebola trial in HIV
positive patients. This endeavor is a collaboration between the

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