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Research Highlights

Evaluation Group In 2014 there were 1100 volunteer
participants enrolled in 27 diff erent
studies requiring 3204 visits and 2168
follow up phone calls.
The Clinical Trials Research Center
(CTRC) is the centre of vaccine
evaluation at CCfV. Vaccine companies sponsoring studies in
2014 included:
Investigators and staff provide expertise
in the development and implementation of • Folia Biotech
studies ranging from first-in-human to post • GlaxoSmithKline
licensure trials, monitoring and evaluation. • Immunovaccine
The CTRC team includes expertise in clinical • Janssen Research and Development
infectious diseases, epidemiology, statistics, data • MedMira Laboratories Inc.
management and analysis, project management, • Merck
nursing and communications. Both the safety • Novartis
and immunogenicity of candidate vaccines • Novavax Inc.
are studied, as well as the field effectiveness of • Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise
vaccines and their effects on disease burden, • Pfi zer
vaccine compliance, and public acceptance. • Sanofi Pasteur

Evaluative research in 2014 focused on first- Public-sector organizations funding clinical
in-humans Ebola, RSV and influenza vaccine research through grants or contracts have
studies, vaccines in pregnancy (pertussis and included the following:
group B streptococcus), rotavirus, Human
Papilloma Virus (HPV), Clostridium difficile • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
and meningococcal vaccines, zoster (shingles) • Public Health Agency of Canada
vaccine in older persons with immune • The Michael Smith Foundation
compromise, and on vaccine safety. • University of British Columbia (QUEST)

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